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***** 01/15/18  EASY AND FUN TO ACCESS!

It is always fun and easy to go in to this site. The pictures and descriptions of the products are very accurate and inviting. My #1 site to purchase Organic Soap Products!

***** 01/06/18  Everybody LOVES Their Soap Gifts

Everybody I gave stuff to is starting to use it and the feedback is excellent :-) (I couldn't part with the Coconut Breeze lotion, it is MY favorite!!! I hide it in the bathroom so nobody else can use it - LOL) I will definitely be reordering soon

Product Name:  Coconut Breeze Body Butter

***** 01/03/18  Smells and Feels Amazing

Received this as a Christmas gift. The soap and exfoliation feel great and the cinnamon and coffee scents are absolutely amazing. Love!!
Product Name: New! Cappuccino

***** 12/29/17  Need a weekly subscription to this soap!!

This is my wife's favorite soap ever. The scent is superb and the quality of this soap is apparent in seconds. She has tried some other patchouli soaps by nothing compared to this one...not even close.  
Product Name: Lavender Patchouli

***** 12/10/17  Beautiful Gift

Beautiful gift 🎁 for someone special, my Friend likes her new soaps and lotion Passionate, it has such a great scent, really really love it 💕
Product Name: Passionate

***** 11/20/17  Must have!

Love my soap saver! Great to use in the shower and hangs up nicely afterward!
Product Name: Soap Saver

***** 11/20/17  My go to scent!

Purchasing this scent for the 3rd time. Definitely my favorite!  
Product Name: Passionate

***** 11/10/17  MY FAVORITE BY FAR

This scent smells exactly like a blueberry dum dum sucker!!!! I love it. Definitely buying it again 
Product Name: Blueberry Patch Scrub

***** 09/24/17  Five Star High Quality Mini Bars

"High-quality product, quick response time, super fantastic service! I placed an order for soap with personalized labels for holiday office gifts - they were very helpful and accommodating. My product and labels turned out absolutely wonderful! I can't wait for Christmas :-)" -Lenae 
Product Name: Custom Mini Bars

***** 04/19/17  soft and smooth!

This leaves my skin SO SOFT and smooth! I use the soap saver with this too and love how it helps exfoliate my skin leaving it smooth and feeling refreshed!  

Product Name: Greek Yogurt Sweet Almond Amazing!

***** 04/19/17  smells great!

This is one of my FAVS!!! Leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed!  
Product Name: Tea Tree Citrus Scrub

***** 04/19/17  Love this lotion

I love this lotion! I love the soft delicate scent it has! Not overpowering at all! I also love the natural ingredients! I have very sensitive skin and love this. It keeps my skin hydrated all day!  
Product Name: Passionate 6oz

***** 04/03/17  Oh my word...these soaps are amazing!  Love them!  I will be highly recommending them!  I'll be ordering again! 

***** 03/27/17 One of my favs!

Love this soap! I love the fresh clean scent!  
Product Name: Mint Sage Scrub

***** 03/27/17 Excited

Just bought the lotion! Excited to use it! Smells wonderful!  
Product Name: BODY BUTTER - Passionate 6oz

***** 02/08/17 Love it!

My skin was very moisturized and amazingly soft! I can't recommend this lotion enough! The smell is extremely pleasing, it is creamy & thick. not too greasy! Leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft, Try it ... you will like it! 
Product Name: BODY BUTTER - Passionate 6oz

***** 01/30/17  FABULOUS SOAP!

Product Name: Greek Yogurt Cucumber Cooler

*****12/02/16  Sensory overload!!!

I've been using expedition soaps a couple of months and LOVE them. The coconut almond is my favorite!! The scent is amazing and the bar lather and suds is like nothing I have ever used. It has also helped with my dry skin issues. Seriously amazing soap and scent that I recommend highly!! 
Product Name: Coconut Breeze - 5 oz bar

***** 10/19/16 Fresh and clean!

Love this fresh and clean smell of this soap. My skin feels so nice after I use it  

Product Name: Herbal Thyme (Discontinued) (recommended Ylang Ylang Love)

***** 10/14/16  Great Soap

Great smell and my skin feels revitalized! Love this bar!  
Product Name: Soap Saver

***** 10/11/16  Moisturizing!!

After using this bar my skin has never felt so moisturized and soft as I have chronic dry skin but no longer! Love the smell and Love this soap.  
Product Name: Passionate

***** 10/11/16  Passionate  

Product Name: Passionate

***** 10/08/16  Amazing

This soap smells so good my kids actually ask me to take a bath!!! I love it too and it is so moisturizing to my skin. Will buy again for sure
Product Name: Funky Monkey

***** 10/06/16  Memories of the Cider Mill

This bar smelled like I just walked into the cider mill on a fall day. The soap left my skin feeling revitalized
Product Name: Fresh Apple Orchard (seasonal - discontinued)(recommend Sweet Apple Scrub)

***** 10/05/16  Interesting product

I never thought I would like an exfoliating product but this works great and I hang it after use and it dries right out saving the soap from getting soft
Product Name: Soap Saver

***** 10/05/16  Soap Lasts Longer

Using my soap saver the soap lasts longer and the lather is great and exfoliation feels refreshing
Product Name: Soap Saver

***** 10/05/16  Lather and scent

This bar was great and the lather was very rich and creamy. Used it for shaving my legs. Would recommend for sure
Product Name: Aloha - 5 oz bar

***** 10/05/16 Wakes Me Up

Again another bar I just love as it wakes me up in the morning shower!!! Would buy again!   
Product Name: Spearmint and Basil Scrub - 5 oz bar (discontinued)

 ***** 10/05/16 Soothing to my Skin

This soap helps with my dry skin and makes me feel like I have already put lotion on after the shower
Product Name: Peppermint Tea Tree - 5 oz bar

***** 10/05/16  Makes a Shower a Wake-Up Call

It's pretty awesome to shower with this one as the scent really wakes you up. Would buy again
Product Name: Soothing Vanilla Oatmeal - 5 oz bar

***** 10/05/16   Refreshing

Delicious lemon scented and scrubbed great. Would get again for sure
Product Name: Limoncello - 5 oz bar

***** 10/03/16   

I love this soap it smells a LOT like real cherry. I recommend this if you love cherry.
Product Name: Cherry Festival (Not currently sold)(recommend Wild Cherries)

***** 09/21/16  Super Soap! 

Love my new Spa Detox: Aztec Secret soap! Too many clay-based products leave skin clean, but dry and dull. Expedition soaps were completely opposite! The soap has all the same clay benefits but offers an amazing lather and my skin felt silky soft when done. I was not expecting that with a clay based product. Definitely, recommend this soap!  Product Name: Spa Detox: Aztec Secret - 5 oz bar

***** 09/21/16  Excellent Exfoliation!  

I love my new soap and the benefits are even greater when used with the soap saver. It gives just the right amount of exfoliation. I would definitely recommend this to use with your new soap.

Product Name: Soap Saver - white only

***** 09/21/16  Great Soaps! 

I just purchase some soaps and they are great quality! Very silky and great size. They don't melt in the shower they stay in good shape. Love the aroma of the lavender!! Definitely highly recommended :)
Product Name: Lavender - 5 oz bar

***** 09/17/16  Pleasantly surprised that the soap was everything that was advertised.

The coconut almond smells amazing and lathers really good. My husband uses it and has the same opinion. It is great for men and women to use.
Product Name: Coconut Breeze- 5 oz bar