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  • * BATH BOMBS: 25+ Amazing Choices!


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                     NEW SCENTS FOR FALL - PUMPKIN WICKED & APPLICIOUS                       


    This is an expedition you don't want to miss out on!  Check out our all new amazing organic Shea Butter luxury bath bombs!  All have incredible scents.  Many match-up with our soap bars. Some even match up with our body butter. 

    All are fun and result in a delightful fizzy effervescence when added to water in the bathtub.  As they release their oils, colors, and scents, you'll be in for a complete sensory delight!  Some even have light sparkly glitter on top.  Each of our handmade bath bombs come individually wrapped in a clear cellophane bag tied with a ribbon, with our label stuck on it.

    Use our bath bombs in your next bath, and you'll have a relaxing experience while moisturizing your skin with the oils of organic Shea Butter and sunflower oil, along with sea salt for added relaxation and detoxification.  

    All of our bath bombs are handmade ~4.5 oz (the size of a tennis ball) 

    All of our bath bombs have the following great ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil or Natural Essential Oils, Organic Shea Butter, and Colorant.

    Our products are handmade fresh without using any preservatives or harsh chemicals.

    It's the scents (phthalate-free fragrance oils or natural esential oils) & skin-safe food grade and FD&C grade colors that vary.  So, no matter which bath bomb you choose, you can be confident that you're bathing with a ball of goodness!  Have a nice realaxing bath and come out with silky, smoothe skin! 

    Our bath bombs are suitable for all ages and skin types [although, use your own judement and if you have specific skin issues, be sure to test the water].  Our bath bombs rinse well from the tub and do not stain you nor the tub.  The bath bombs with sparkles will leave a ransom dispersion of sparkles on your skin and will need the tub scrubbed afterwards [but then again, everybody scrubs the tub after their bath...right?]


    scent matches our 'Aloha' soap

    Fresh Hawaiian plumeria scent from Hawaiian leis.

      Applicious - New For Fall!

    scent compliments the 'Michigan McIntosh' soap bar

    This one's all apples!  Enjoy the Appliciousness of this bath bomb!

      Blueberry Patch  (great for kids!) 

     scent matches 'Blueberry Patch' Soap 

    This fun fresh scent of blueberries will fill your bathroom & make water blue!  Kids go crazy for this one!

     Bomb Pop (has sparkles)

    This is a summer delight scented like fresh, mouthwatering watermelon!


    COAL (for men!)

     scent matches 'Black Soap' 

    This black bath bomb has a real clean manly scent. Feel good and smell great!

     Coco Loco Lime BRAND NEW FOR SUMMER!

    This lime and coconut blend is a tropical dream come true!

       Coconut Breeze 

    scent matches 'Coconut Breeze' soap & body butter

    Here it is!  An all-time top-selling scent, ready for your enjoyment in your tub!

     Funky Monkey  (great for kids!) 

    scent matches 'Funky Monkey' soap 

    Tropical fruits galore!  This is a fruity, fun bath bomb for the kiddos!

     The Grape Escape (great for kids)

    Yummmm! This grape scent is sensational! And by that, we mean seriously awesome!

      Hugs & Kisses 

    scent matches 'Hugs & Kisses' soap 

    This amazing girly scent is soft & just right.  Not overly floral.  

      Happy Birthday! 

    scent matches 'Happy Birthday!' soap 

    Give this gift or keep it for yourself!  This is a confette celebration in a bath bomb!  Sweet, fruity, & strong!  Dont' forget to match it with the soap & put them in an organza gift bag, as an awesome birthday gift for that special someone!

      Koala Bear Care (great for sick days) 

    scent matches 'Greek Yogurt Koala Bear Care' soap

    Eucalyptus Oil makes this the bomb for any feeling of a cold or stuffiness coming on!  A great one to have on the side! 


    scent matches 'Lavender' soap & body butter

    Our fantastic Lavender scent, here in a bath bomb!  Time to relax!


    scent matches 'Limoncello' soap & 'Limoncello' body butter

    This Bath Bomb is amazingly lemon, with a fresh, clean, strong Lemongrass Scent! 

     Lover's Pine (has sparkles) 

    scent compliments our "Michigan Pine" soap bar

    Beautiful color and fresh pine scent for the holidays!

     Love Struck (has sparkles and dried rose petals)

    scent matched our 'Love Struck' soap

    This Sparkly bath bomb smells sooOOoo amazing!  Smells sweet like sugar with berries & a hint of perfume.

     Margarita  (has sparkles) 

    scent matches 'Margarita' soap

    This is another amazing bath bomb, with a strong lime scent! Mmmmm This one's awesome!

     Mint Sage 

    scent matches 'Mint Sage Scrub' soap 

    Not overpowering, yet a clean and strong scent of sage, while lightly scented with mint.

      OMG! OMH! Oatmeal, Milk & Honey 

    scent matches 'Oatmeal, Milk & Honey' soap & body butter

    A terrific trio combination of scents!  Sit back, relax, & enjoy! Sooo popular!

       Passionate (Top Seller) 

    scent matches 'Passionate' soap & body butter

    This is the bomb!  Popular and similar scent to Victoria Secret Love Spell! 

      Patchouli Power 

    scent compliments our 'Goat's Milk Sandalwood Patchouli' soap & body butter

    Do you love patchouli?  Here's your bath bomb!  Need we say more? (This bath bomb does NOT have Goat's Milk in it!)

      Pumpkin Wicked - NEW FOR FALL

    Matches our 'Pumpin Wicked' soap bar

    This bath bomb is strong pumpkin spice, which makes your bath really nice!

      Rose Gold 

    scent matches 'Rose Gold' soap

    This much-loved fragrance of honeysuckle can now be enjoyed in your bathtub!

      Sassafras  (great for kids!)

    Enjoy an old-fashioned sassafras bath!  What's that?  A rootbeer scent, of course!  Kids go crazy for this one!

      Soothing Vanilla 

    scent matches 'Soothing Vanilla Oatmeal' soap 

    A true favorite, Moroccan Vanilla beans are in this bomb with light musk to balance it out.

     Spartan Swirl (for men!) 

    scent matches 'Spartan Swirl' soap & body butter

    Smell fresh and awake with this crisp aloe scent!

     Surf's Up!  (for men!) 

    scent matches 'Surf's Up!' soap & body butter

    This one's for the guys, smelling of pure manliness!

     Sweet Citrus 

    scent matches 'Sweet Citrus' soap

    Now, this one is the bomb!  Sweet Citrus scent all the way!

     Unicorn Kisses (with sparkles) 

    This bath bomb compliments our 'Unicorn Kisses' soap.

    This is a special bath bomb with a real light girly scent!  So sweet!

      Vanilla Berry

    Scent matches 'Vanilla Berry' soap & body butter

    As scrumptions as it sounds, this subtly scented bath bomb is a sweet vanillla and black raspberry delight!

       War of the Roses (has sparkles & dried rose petals) 

    scent matches 'War of the Roses' soap

    This Glitter Bath Bomb has an amazing fresh & strong rose scent! Ahhhh...

      Wild Cherries

    scent matches 'Wild Cherries' soap

    Pure Cherry Deliciousness!  You'll Go Wild for this One!

       1000 Kisses (has sparkles)  

    scent matches our '1000 kisses' soap & body butter

    Mmmm. Smell that sweet sugar, reminiscent of some cotton candy (without the stickiness)!  This bath bomb has glitter!