• Goat's Milk Unscented


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    Organic Grade-A Shea Butter 

    Natural Ingredients 

    Creamy, Dreamy Lather 

    NHarsh Chemicals

      Amazing Scents


    What's Not to Love?

    Product Description:  Made with the intention of being simply pure, without any scents, like a cool, crisp breath of fresh air. For those who want nothing more than to simply wash with no extra frills or scents, this bar is for you!  This bar is a great choice for both men & women! Oh, and babies too!   It lathers great, being a pure Organic Shea Butter soap bar with Goat's Milk!  It also has ground oatmeal as an added exfoliate.  Enjoy!

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    Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olives, Coconuts, Soybeans, Corn, & SunflowersOrganic Shea Butter*, Water, Goat's Milk, Ground Oatmeal 

    *For more info on these great ingredients, be sure to click on "9 Things you NEED to know" in the pull-down menu on the right!

    weight: 5 oz approx. bar 

    size: 3" x 3" x 1" approx. square