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  • Greek Yogurt Lovin' Lavender


    Expedition Soaps

    Organic Grade-A Shea Butter 

    Natural Ingredients 

    Creamy, Dreamy Lather 

    NHarsh Chemicals

      Amazing Scents


    What's Not to Love?

    Product Description:  This bar is unlike anything you have ever smelled before!  Our Greek Yogurt soap bars are incredibly popular, so we thought we needed to offer you another option, in one of our most popular scents, Lavender. 

    The Greek yogurt adds a creamy, sweet scent perfectly balanced with lavender, that entices you to keep smelling the bar over and over while you enjoy the creamy, dreamy lather!

    Using yogurt for skin-care is historically known to date back to Cleopatra!  Yogurt is known to provide glowing and youthful skin that's free of acne because it's vitamin packed!  This is a great soap bar and is one of our new top sellers!  If you love lavender, this is an amazing new soap to use!  

    Keep in Mind: Our Soaps Make Great Gifts!

    Ingredients Saponified oils of coconuts, sunflowers, olives, soybeans & corn; organic Shea Butter*, water, Greek yogurt, sea salt, ground oatmeal, lavender essential oil

    *For more info on these great ingredients, be sure to click on "9 Things you NEED to know" in the pull-down menu on the right!

    weight: 5 oz approx. bar 

    size: 3" x 3" x 1" approx. square