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Hugs & Kisses XOXO


Product Description:  Hello Valentine!  A sweet little 5-year-old girl named this bar, having won our soap bar naming contest, back in February 2017.  She named it just for you because hugs and kisses are what everybody wants and needs!  And 7 months later, she was found still carrying around her soap bar that she won, taking it to school and sleeping with it under her pillow.  She was very proud of being an Expedition Soap winner!

This bar is a curious sweet mix of citrus, florals, and sweet fruits.  Pretty in pink, it's a perfect bar for women who like a middle floral scent, while smelling both sweet and citrus all at once!  What a combination!  This is a nice sweet feminine bar!  

This bar has added ground oatmeal and sea salt, which adds it to the ranks of our sea salt scrubs that everyone loves!  This organic Shea Butter soap bar is a nice way to give Hugs & Kisses to a wonderful, sweet special someone in your life!  Enjoy!

Keep in Mind: Our Soaps Make Great Gifts!

Ingredients Saponified oils of Olives, Coconuts, Soybeans, Corn, & Sunflowers; Organic Shea Butter*, Water, Sea Salt, Ground Oatmeal, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils*, colorant*

*For more info on these great ingredients, be sure to click on "9 Things you NEED to know" in the pull-down menu on the right!

weight: 5 oz approx. bar 

size: 3" x 3" x 1" approx. square