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scroll down to see the videos about our donations:


Please note, donations are no longer being accepted, as all hospital deliveries will be made by Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.  Scroll down...


these Teens accomplished big frontline donations - see video

Check out this great video of what these teen brothers of The Expedition Soap Company accomplished by offering a way for people that are 'Staying at Home' under Covid-19 provisions. They, along with the very generous donations of their supporters, came together to  donate 1154 body butters and 156 lip balms to frontline medical workers at 7 local Metro Detroit area hospitals.  

See us on Fox 2 news detroit 5/4/2020

Deena Centofanti of Fox 2 News did a beautiful job telling our story.  And now you can see it here:

handwashing for at least 20 seconds is still the best way

watch The Expedition Soap Company on fox2 news detroit

        FOX 2 News Detroit's Deena Centofanti Healthworks shares Spencer's story on entrepreneurship and autism! 

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 It's hard to believe, yet we see it every day!  So many skin care products nowadays are filled with chemicals that just shouldn't be rubbed into your skin. Why is this even allowed?  Your skin care should never have to be a compromise!  Our goal is to provide you with real, luxurious quality natural soap and skin care products that you can use every day.  

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We are proud to state that all of our products are handcrafted by artisans WITHOUT the use of gluten, parabens, phthalates, formaldehydes, PEG's, sodium laurel sulfates, triclosan, BHA, petroleum, or retinol.  Our products are cruelty-free, and our ingredients are not tested on animals.  

When you use Expedition Soaps products, you are experiencing real, true quality skin care products.  

You will reap the benefits of our luxurious skin-loving oils being absorbed into your skin and you will see why customers fall in LOVE with our brand!  With our real, nature-based ingredients, you can indulge in the creamy, dreamy lather of our soap, and the skin-softening silky feel of our whipped, yet perfectly balanced, moisturizing handcrafted body butters,  enjoy an indulgent, relaxing bath time experience with our bath bombs, as well as soften and  moisturize your dry lips with our organic goodness.  Our products are handcrafted the way they should be - with the goodness of nature influencing every product we offer.

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We invite you to embark on an expedition into our world of REAL soaps, REAL body butter, REAL bath bombs, & REAL lip balm and know that you're indulging in one of the finest & REAL luxurious sensory experiences for your skin!  Enjoy!

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 Our goal is for you to have a REAL positive experience from start to finish when shopping Expedition Soaps, so that you'll want to share us with everybody you know! We care about you and your shopping experience.  We want you to be completely satisfied. 

If you have questions about our products, our services, or us, get in touch! Have suggestions about what we can do better? Send us a message!  Have an issue with your order?  Reach out to us!  Interested in a wholesale account?  Fill out our form & we'll be in touch!  We are committed to providing you with a five-star experience from using our products to having great customer service along the way.  

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As a young budding 14-year-old entrepreneur, Spencer Kelly, owner of The Expedition Soap Company, had a desire for a natural soap bar that could replace the commercial liquid soap in his shower.  He also had to come up with money that summer to repay his dad for a new bike, because his got stolen.  

When his idea and motivation came together, Spencer decided to start an online soap company, selling handcrafted, natural, REAL soaps.  “You use soap. I use soap. The guy down the street uses soap. The President uses soap. Who doesn’t use soap?”, says the now 18-year-old entrepreneur. Spencer’s business has been growing successfully by selling online across the USA at ExpeditionSoaps.com, at local vendor shows, by offering fundraisers to organizations, and by entering into retail locations.

Spencer’s story isn’t just amazing for the obvious reasons; Spencer also faces the daily challenges as being a young adult with Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Spencer is an inspiration for the autism community and was a guest panelist for these past 2 years at USAutism’s: The World Conference & Expo on Autism in Las Vegas 2018 and Portland 2017, where he was seated next to the world-famous autism expert, Temple Grandin.  Spencer is a public speaker, speaking both as an autism advocate and to encourage entrepreneurial pursuits. His inspiring story of advocacy has been featured by video in New York.  His company mission includes philanthropy to give back to the autism community and beyond. 

Spencer has had a lifelong struggle to get where he is today. Yet now, Spencer's heading off to Oakland University this fall, to study in their Business Honors Program, while handing the day-to-day operations over to his 15-year-old brother, Grant, to run The Expedition Soap Company. Grant has been a part of this company's success since the first day and he is the perfect trusted person to become the new General Manager.  Stop in at a show and meet Grant!

Spencer, Grant & The Expedition Soap Company have been featured nationwide in Teen Boss & in other magazines, newspapers [including USA TODAY’s Weekend Money Section, and The New York Times Money Section, The Detroit Freepress Sunday paper, plus many local newspapers], online blogs, YouTube, 2 weeks on the Oakland.edu front page, featured in OU School of Business Magazine called InSight, and on FOX & CBS TV News around the USA. We are a proud member of The Orion Area Chamber of Commerce.