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  Your Skin Will Thank You. 

We started with a single dream:  to provide luxury organic grade-A Shea Butter body products at reasonable prices.  All of our 65+ cold process handmade SOAPS and various handmade BODY BUTTERS & BATH BOMBS have an organic Shea Butter base, along with all skin-loving vegan oils.  Some soaps have added extras such as peppermint leaves, activated charcoal, various clays, juniper berries, rose petals & lavender buds, oatmeal, and the like, and some soaps have colors and/or fragrances added!  We also carry some non-vegan, yet super popular Goat's Milk and Greek Yogurt soap bars.   We use NO harsh chemicals!  Our soaps are biodegradable and our soap sleeves & plastic shrink wrap are recyclable. Our products weren't tested on animals, and they're fair trade ingredients for those that come from far, and otherwise, our ingredients are sourced locally, when possible.  

Made Just for YOU, With Love

Our soaps, body butter, & bath bombs are made for us by a family of skilled artisans, that put their love and talent into each product they hand make! They've been hand making natural & vegan body products for many years, and this is all they do!  We are so lucky to be teamed up with them, so we can bring you a pure luxury experience in your daily skincare routine.

We Believe Our Products Are a Pure Delight for your Skin!

Feel the benefits of luxurious oils being absorbed into your skin and see why customers fall in LOVE with our brand!  With our pure ingredients, you'll indulge in the creamy, dreamy lather of our soap, and the feel of our creamy, yet perfectly balanced, moisturizing benefits of our body butters.  You'll love our bath bombs that seem to create an indulgent, relaxing bath experience.  

We invite you to embark on an expedition into our world of luxury soaps, body butter, & bath bombs and know that you're indulging in one of the finest luxury sensory experiences for your skin!  

Our products are handmade with love, just for you! We ship across the USA, as well as allow for local pick-up. Some of our products can be found in the Soothe-Your-Soul store in Oxford, MI,  Bullz Boxing in Oxford, MI, Green Hippo Gifts in Downtown Lake Orion, Pure Balance Massage in Clawson, MI and even in Mount Ruffmore in Lake Orion. We also sell at local craft and vendor shows and a list of our upcoming appearances can be found under our drop-down menu, or simply by clicking here: Upcoming Local Show Dates

Try Our Products & Fall in LOVE With Our Brand!


A Wide Variety of organic Shea Butter Soaps

Our Soaps

Our soaps are handcrafted from the finest natural and plant ingredients, without any of the harsh chemicals that you will find in commercial "soap" bar and lotions.  Each of our bars are crafted with 5 (Not 4, not 3, but 5!) natural skin-loving plant oils (coconut, sunflower, olive, corn & soybean oils), all the glycerin produced when making the soap bar, organic Grade A Shea Butter and then some delightful treats for your skin, and/or scents and essential oils are added in for a delightful combination. All of our soaps are biodegradable.  Come on an expedition with us and fall in love with our brand!
Ditch those inferior harsh chemical cleaners that some companies mix together to make low priced "soap" and give your skin the love it deserves from our natural products.  Discover the huge difference in our luxury artisan soaps by checking out our amazing ingredient list described under each product when shopping, & be sure to read "Why Buy Our Soaps" & "9 Things you NEED to know" from the pull-down menu on the top right.  Then, go ahead and try our delightful soap bars for yourself & feel the difference!

You do have a choice! You can choose to spend a little more (and it's really not that much more for a great product that was made with love and last longer) and treat your skin well daily, with our natural bars filled with great ingredients, or you can pay with your skin by using a commercial inexpensive chemical "soap" product!  

Just because you can buy low cost "soap" doesn't mean it's a great way to treat your skin!  Pampering your skin is important!  Think about what you are purposely rubbing into your skin on a daily basis.  Proper skin care begins with your soap bar... what's in your soap? 

As well as our fantastic luxury soap, we also offer luxury organic Shea Butter body butter & bath bombs that are equally as good!  You can now have a complete care package, in and out of the shower,  when you choose to use our soaps, body butter, & bath bombs.  For more information on what's in our body butter, just go shopping and click on the body butter and scroll down to read each product description & it's ingredients!