spencer kelly -philantropist

Spencer Kelly uses The Expedition Soap Company as a platform for donating his time, money, and talent so he can contribute to making the world a better place for people and thereby making his business part of something meaningful.  Scroll down to learn more.

Our latest donation to frontline workers fighting covid-19 a

Go to  to learn how you can also donate to our frontline medical staff by sending body butter to the local Metro Detroit area hospital of your choice.

the many ways spencer kelly advocates for autism

Check out this great video that was created in April 2019, where Spencer explains how he's an autism advocate.

how spencer gives back


Spencer donates his money to OU CARES

Since April 2018, Spencer Kelly has donated money annually to OU CARES, an Autism Support program at Oakland University, to provide a  summer camp experience for underprivileged kids with autism.  Spencer was a part of these camps as a youth and he really enjoyed being on sports teams that were a good fit for his needs then.   To learn more about OU CARES and the excellent programs they offer, just click below:


Spencer donates his money to

Since April 2017, Spencer Kelly has donated money annually to, to support their CAP - College Autism Project.  More than half of young adults with ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder] do not go to college after high school. And while 35 percent will attempt to attend college later, most do not get admitted or they do, but then drop out.  This personally touches Spencer's heart because he has ASD, is in college and finds that it can be challenging at times.   "Just because a person with autism is capable of being admitted into college, doesn't mean it goes without many daily challenges." 


Spencer continues to donate his money to other organizations, as well.

Spencer has donated to other organizations, as well, including The United Way, The American Cancer Society, and The Judson Center.  


Spencer is a Public Speaker

 Spencer speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship, teen entrepreneurship, how to create an online business and autism and advocacy in the classroom.  To learn more about Spencer's public speaking, just click here:

RHS Boys Swim Team accepts a check from Spencer Kelly and

Spencer offers Fundraisers and Gives Back ~40% of his money!

By getting active in his community and extending his products as a fundraiser, Spencer hopes to help support the many local groups that need financial support. Spencer created Expedition Soaps Fundraising as a healthy alternative fundraiser to cookie dough, noodles, pizzas, wrapping paper, or popcorn fundraisers.    

Spencer offers an affordable, fun, and easy-to-do fundraiser. To learn more, just click here: