Our custom minibars are the "new" thing to have at your special event.  Be unique and be the first to have an amazing gift for your attendees to take home with them, as a customized memento of your special occasion.  

custom label / cut soap barS

 We would love to custom label soap bars for your special event! 


You may choose from any of our soap bars that are currently for sale, to create with a custom label design or simply to have cut bars. PLEASE NOTE:    For small and medium sizes, you can choose from as many soap scents as you wish, but each scent must be ordered in sets of 4 [for small] and sets of 2's [for medium]. THIS APPLIES FOR ALL CUT SOAP BARS.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you want to try 2 scent choices, say Bee Happy Michigan Soap and Black Soap, then you need to order EACH SCENT in a set of 4 [for small] and sets of 2's [for medium].  So, if you wanted the small size, you'd receive 4 Bee Happy MI and 4 Black Soap mini bars. Or if you chose medium size, you'd receive 2 Bee Happy MI and 2 Black Soap bars.  In this example, both orders would cost a total of $16.00.

The soap can be cut into

  • small [~1.25oz] at $2.00ea [40 bar order min. for custom label]
  • medium [~2.5oz] at $4.00ea [20 bar order min. for custom label]
  • uncut large [~5 oz] at $8.00ea with custom label [45 bar order min.][max. 5 scent choices]

*PLEASE NOTE: If you're just ordering cut bars, or if you do not meet our order minimum, your order will not be custom labeled.  These bars will bear the label.  The cut size still must be ordered in $8.00 sets per scent.

*PLEASE NOTE we do not custom label wholesale soap orders.  We do not sell small & medium sized bars wholesale. 


You can provide the artwork, logo, or photos by submitting it to You can custom the front side and the back side of the soap bars.  The front and back can have different artwork.  We can work with almost any digital image or vector file.  Please expect a minimum 1-2 week turnaround time - so plan accordingly.  Rush orders may be possible, but you need to contact us first to check.  If you need assistance with your artwork, we can help!  


The small and medium sized bars will not come shrink-wrapped with your custom label order.  If you would like each bar individually shrink-wrapped, there is an additional $0.50/ soap bar cost.  The benefit is that shrink-wrapping keeps each bar nice and tidy and easy for your attendees to take home.  [The bars look and smell great without the shrink-wrap, so don't worry if you choose not to shrink-wrap.  You don't really "need" it.]  Each ~5oz uncut soap bar will come individually shrink-wrapped [included in price, no extra cost].


Unless you specify differently, the front and back of the soap bar will have your custom design on the label.  The top edge will bear our logo.  The bottom edge will bear the soap scent name.  The label is white only, unless you provide different 8.5" x 11" sized paper.  Our custom label design expert will work with you via email, all along the process, to make sure the look is exactly of your expectations before it will goto print.  We will be in 100% agreement on the look before printing, so have no worries.  Once the custom label has been approved and printed, no changes will be allowed.  

If you want more than 1 custom front/back design, each additional front/back design will have to be a separate order, reaching our order minimums again.


If you're local and prefer to pick up your custom order, we can arrange for that.  Otherwise, shipping is free on your custom order.  As mentioned prior, please give 1-2 weeks before shipping.  Shipping is Priority Mail USPS and will take 1-3 days, depending on your distance.

We're committed to making a custom label that exceeds your expectations! 

Personalize for your:

  • Baby shower favors   ex. "from my shower to yours..."
  • Wedding name/table placements with soap bars
  • Wedding shower favors   ex. "from my shower to yours..."
  • Birthday favors
  • Soap bar prizes -  ex. "cleanest room", "you clean-up well"
  • Say Thank You  - with a soap bar(s) of your choice & personalized message on the label
  • Birthday presents
  • Corporate Event giveaways
  • Even Corporate Christmas gifts (phew, no more fruit cakes)!  
  • Our bars make great small gifts for friends or even wonderful stocking stuffers.

Any questions, just call us at (845) EXP-SOAP, that's (845) 397-7627, or email  We're happy to assist you to make an amazing special occasion custom label soap bar for your event!